Pressing Forward, NY Style

Sorry for the drought after leaving things on a cliffhanger! It’s been a busy couple weeks. But I’m still here in NYC, and it looks like that won’t change in the near future- at least not for a couple of months. My Japanese recruitment contact fizzled out just as Taskrabbit and my bar started picking up. … [Read more…]

Caffeine After Midnight

So there I am standing in the bar last night. It’s late, past midnight, and it’s been slow. I’ve done just about everything I can possibly do. Then the espresso machine catches my eye. Hey, there’s something I can do– learn to make fancy-looking cappuccinos! It might take me a couple tries, but caffeine doesn’t affect … [Read more…]

Paradox of Choice

Are you familiar with the paradox of choice? It’s a fairly simple concept that boils down to this: the more options you have, the harder it is to make a decision. (And the easier it is to feel regret later, for fear that you might have “missed out” on a better opportunity). For example, one … [Read more…]

Brunch, Modeling Jobs, and Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Hi guys! A super quick update for you. This week I did a couple productive things. Like, at least two. The rest of my time was spent throwing dinner parties and eating brunch, when I probably should have been job hunting like a responsible citizen. (By the way, Maison Kayser’s brunch is just as delectable as … [Read more…]

Being an “Extra” in NYC

Hey friends, My new project/brainstorming fest continues. This week I had some surprise opportunities come my way: specifically, a whole bunch of extra (background acting) opportunities! Background work isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t pay much and it takes up a lot of time. BUT it does come with its own perks, and I figure I shouldn’t turn down an opportunity … [Read more…]

When is it Time to Quit?

Most of my friends tend to stick with their jobs for many years at a time. I have respect for that, particularly because it’s something I’ve never been able to do. But if you’re satisfied with your job, if you feel like you’re growing and progressing and living the dream, then power to you! Stick … [Read more…]

First Steps

Well, the last day of work has finally come and gone. I spent the weekend showing my buddy from TN around the city, and now it’s time to check out of vacation mode and get to planning/execution mode. A couple days ago I asked a bartender in Flushing about how to get into the industry. His advice was … [Read more…]