Updates and Bartending Life

Hi guys, Sorry I’ve been slacking on posts lately! I’m trying to get back into the groove, with my blog and a lot of other things. I have a lot of potential ideas lined up but I need to stick to them and make sure they actually happen. In the meantime I thought I’d give … [Read more…]

A Brief Love Letter to the Hospitality Industry

It’s four thirty in the morning and I am wide awake. This isn’t a super–rare occurrence in my life, but tonight it’s a little baffling. I worked a double shift yesterday from 10 am to midnight, and I was already running on a sleep deficit when I began. I should be exhausted right now. In spite of this (and in … [Read more…]

Paradox of Choice

Are you familiar with the paradox of choice? It’s a fairly simple concept that boils down to this: the more options you have, the harder it is to make a decision. (And the easier it is to feel regret later, for fear that you might have “missed out” on a better opportunity). For example, one … [Read more…]

When is it Time to Quit?

Most of my friends tend to stick with their jobs for many years at a time. I have respect for that, particularly because it’s something I’ve never been able to do. But if you’re satisfied with your job, if you feel like you’re growing and progressing and living the dream, then power to you! Stick … [Read more…]