Favorite Places: Smorgasburg


It’s warm outside, and outdoor flea market season is upon us once again!! One of my favorites is Smorgasburg: an all-out, all-Summer long outdoor market comprised COMPLETELY of food vendors. No hand-made jewelry, no vintage clothing, no antiques. JUST food. Smorgasburg, our priorities in life are one and the same.

The first time I walked to the waterfront and feasted my eyes on the Smorgasburg tent city, it was total sensory overload. So many smells, so many colors, so many people! Noshing New Yorkers were everywhere, and hundreds more waited in the food lines to join their ranks.


My eyes went from one booth to the next as I took a lap around the tents. Should I get some tasty Home Frites with their delectable plethora of sauces? Or how about some oysters on the half-shell, caught just that day and shucked before my very eyes? Or how about some slow-cooked beef short rib from Carnal? A po’boy from Parish? Fish and Chips from Handsome Hank’s? How about skipping right to dessert with Butter & Scotch, or a dozen other sweets vendors?? There were so. Many. Choices.


I took a deep breath and formed an attack plan. Fresh oyster appetizer, followed by an appetizer from Home Frites and a main course of Ramen Burger, which I had heard so much about. (It’s a juicy hamburger served between two freshly sizzled ramen patties instead of buns. Just… look it up.) Then, a hand-shaved snow cone from People’s Pops for dessert. Perfect.


About an hour later I walked away completely satisfied from my ala carte meal. Even though I was full, I was already planning out the menu for the next visit.

Word to the wise, you’ll spend a good chunk of time standing in line for the more popular places, especially at peak times of the day. It’s best to go with a buddy and tag-team it in a coordinated line attack. Work smart, people. But on a beautiful summer day, there are definitely worse places to be! Where else can you enjoy all those wonderful smells and tasty nibbles prepared by hundreds of talented chefs, all in one spot? Not to mention the gorgeous views to boot. If you’ve never been, it’s time to treat yourself. But definitely pack some sunscreen.


Every Saturday and Sunday April-November. Saturdays @ Williamsburg waterfront, Sundays @ Prospect Park.

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