Updates and New Starts! Favorite Things NYC: Cloud Social Rooftop Bar

Hi all,

I know it’s been months since I last updated my blog. Cue the universal excuse: I’ve been busy. But who isn’t? You have to make time for the things you care about, and I have personally sank plenty of hours into video games and other “less-than-productive” pursuits. So I decided to get things rolling again with a new domain and a new series of posts. My old domain will still be up as a placeholder. (If you’re curious where Dan in the District came from, it’s a nickname that our sous chef started using for me one day, and has since stuck.)

In terms of updates, not THAT much has changed since my last post. I’m still working like crazy at the bar and it’s been very rewarding. I started doing some freelance projects for them recently, the most notable of which is a much-needed website cleanup. Other than that, I’m just having fun exploring the city and planning out my next Big Thing.

As for the new series of posts, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite spots around the city. These are the places that I always bring visitors to, the ones that really leave an impression and keep me coming back for more. So for anyone who’s curious about what I’m up to in the city, these posts will give you a decent glimpse.

NYC Favorites: Cloud Social Rooftop Bar

NYC loves rooftop bars. They give you great views of the city while simultaneously offering an escape from it. When the weather is warm, you can’t beat looking over the twilit skyline with a cocktail in your hand, insulated from the hustle and bustle by sheer distance. Even when it’s brisk out, most places have indoor seating and outdoor heaters to help keep you nice and toasty. One of the biggest (230 Fifth) even has fuzzy robes you can borrow to ward off the evening chill.

The biggest problem with most of these places is the hefty price tag. Even if there’s no cover charge, well drinks could still cost you $20 each. (Forget about getting anything top-shelf unless you’re reaaaaaally eager to impress your date!) It’s not like the cocktails are immaculately crafted works of art, either– for most places, the premium price is purely a scenery tax.


Enter Cloud Social Rooftop Bar. They somehow manage to have have a great view, solid drinks and a reasonable price tag. It’s nestled on top of the NYMA hotel in Korea town (32nd street). Just take the elevator at NYMA to the top floor and you’ll be greeted by a brightly lit Buddha. Walk by him to discover the bar and outdoor seating area.


This is during the off-season, so there are partitions up against the cold. I’ll post an updated summer pic in the future!


The bar has a good selection of beers and cocktails, not to mention $6 happy hour drink specials from 3-7 and check-in deals for free shots. Once you pick your drink and wander outside, you’ll find a nice view of the city and plenty of open, airy seating. It’s already shaping up to be a pretty great spot, but then you turn around and are greeted by this:


The Empire State herself, looming large right above you. You can’t help but stare.

The first time I came here was in the middle of July on a Friday night. Of course there was a healthy crowd, but it was nothing like the insanity I expected to find. My friend and I got served quickly at the bar and we were able to grab seats within minutes. It was a super-relaxed setting and everybody was having a great time chatting it up or just enjoying the atmosphere. Every time I come back it’s just as nice (definitely slower when it’s chilly out, but that’s no surprise). Now that Spring is peeking around the corner, I can’t wait to head back up there and welcome it properly!

Cloud Social Rooftop Bar, 6 West 32nd st (btw 5th and Broadway)



    • Dan

      ANYTHING can be had in NY, including High West 😀 I just had some last week! It’s been popping up in bars and liquor stores quite a bit out here.

  1. Jeremy

    I remember that bar very vell. We met some Canadians and few Korean guys from the Bronx (Brooklyn?). Good times.

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